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Shiweitong joined hands with its subsidiaries to participate in the Beijing optoelectronic technology event

Time:2021-09-15 07:45:00 参观人数:383

The 13th Opto-electronics Industry Expo 2021 has been held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 24 to 26.The expo covers the whole industry chain of the optoelectronics field, with high specifications and high standards. Relying on the powerful industry resource cluster effect of the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering, the expo has attracted industry leaders from home and abroad to exhibit, and comprehensively present the application cases of innovative technologies and new achievements in the optoelectronics industry.

At present, Beijing has become the top scientific and technological resources gathering place in the photon field in China.Founded in 2009, China Optoelectronics Industry Expo is held every year and has become the vane of China optoelectronics industry. This global sharing platform brings the best exhibition and negotiation opportunities for optoelectronics enterprises, and is also one of the most important exhibitions for Shiweitong.

This year, Shiweitong joined hands with its subsidiaries to make a joint appearance at the expo to show the core products independently developed, jointly explore the potential market demand, share opportunities and better play the collaborative response of project cooperation, and discover new partners to create future value.

The exhibition can remember

Shiweitong people's meticulous preparation and schedule show full enthusiasm, no problem to ensure the perfect presentation of the exhibition, the booth has attracted the attention of many professionals in the industry, the strength of the "circle of fans", for customers to bring a pleasant visit and exchange experience. We communicate face to face with our old customers who are rarely seen in daily life, discuss the new upgrade of products and services in depth, and increase the emotional contact to help better cooperation in the future. At the same time, it also leaves a good and deep impression on potential customers.

In recent years, the optoelectronic technology industry presents a fierce competition trend, has become a new round of scientific and technological revolution in the global domain, is an important embodiment of the competition between countries in science and technology, is also a key area of "Made in China 2025" vigorously advocated and supported. At the same time, the market development prospect is huge. Industry momentum and market demand will help our business expansion and project cooperation, and we will continue to pass confidence to customers.

At the same time, the industry competition is increasingly fierce, through the exhibition window, we can have a more intuitive understanding and comparison of competitors in the same industry, so as to adjust themselves to a better attitude to further refine the market, better grasp the opportunity, to achieve new development. As always, we have gained a lot from this exhibition.

As one of the leading optoelectronic device enterprises in the domestic industry, Shiweitong aims to be a professional optoelectronic device supplier in China.More than 20 years of ingenuity and focus have created the reputation of Shiweitong in the industry, and it has been fully recognized by the market and won the recognition of users. The reputation of the company lies in the dedicated research of the professional technical Research and development team, the company's unremitting pursuit of innovation and excellence, and the consistent insistence on high quality. At the same time, it cannot be separated from the hard work of the loyal and dedicated staff. All this is the company's development and progress in the accumulation of wealth, more give us forward power, we will with cherish and gratitude, escalating development, research and development, innovation, accurate docking industry demand, with solid technology, high reliability design, to provide more quality products, we sincerely serve the new and old customers at home and abroad.


In the afternoon of July 23, the exhibition was jointly organized by Chinese Optical Engineering Society, Chinese Optical Engineering Society optical Fiber Sensing Technology Expert Working Committee, Beijing Aerospace Control Instrument Research Institute, Beijing Automation Control Equipment Research Institute and other units. Beijing Shiweitong Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "China (Beijing) 2021 High-precision Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and Application Forum and commemorating the 45th anniversary of the invention of China fiber Optic Gyroscope", which was successfully held in The 9th Hall, 2nd floor, Beijing Fengda International Hotel.

This forum provides a wide range of technical exchange, market promotion, trade negotiation media for participating experts, enterprises and industry stakeholders, and provides a panoramic service platform for the development of the industry.

The conference specially invited experts and scholars active in the front line, combined with their professional fields, to share with you wonderful special reports, exchanges and discussions. Condensing scientific consensus and leading the development of disciplines.

Through this conference, we further strengthened communication and contact with leading experts and scholars in the industry, and also provided an excellent learning and exchange opportunity for the company's front-line engineers.

To congratulate the great success of this event !

Thank you all for coming !

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