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The 20th anniversary of Beijing Shiweitong and the 5th anniversary of the company's equity restructuring celebration has been crowned with success

Time:2021-06-20 07:45:00 参观人数:1548

On December 26th, with the theme of "20 years of wind and rain course, five years of magnificent chapter compose glorious metamorphosis",the 20th anniversary of Beijing Shiweitong and the 5th anniversary of the company's equity restructuring celebration has been held grandly in the Banquet hall of Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel. More than 500 guests and all colleagues of Shiweitong family gathered together, toast in a warm atmosphere.

Twenty years, the sun and the moon, with the stars moving, the golden years

United in the remembrance of glory――Through thick and thin, Shiweitong has grown and grown through hard work, each achievement is to be congratulated. The days of yore, past events such as new, silent impression of the years of the rings. A common cause brings us together, the process of working towards a goal, let everyone become a better self. The storms, the hardships, just the scenery on the way to success. Thank you for accompanying me all the way!

Achievements are hard-won, so cherish; By unremitting struggle for the results, always particularly sweet; The transformation after refinement more splendid and splendid.

Five years of magnificent chapter, bright shining

Span, only in an instant, but open a new world. Five years after the shareholding reform, under the correct leadership of the group company, Shiweitong has completed its self-transformation, new leaps have been made, entering a new stage of development.

In 2015, Shiweitong introduced equity incentive mechanism, and set up a joint-stock company in 2016. With concerted efforts, we firmly grasp the market opportunities, the company's performance has been greatly improved.The output of flagship products has been increasing year after year, the annual growth rate of the company's operating revenue exceeds 30%, entered a period of rapid growth. Meanwhile, in terms of new product development and new technology reserve, Shiweitong has invested more in research and development,carry out comprehensive cooperation with semiconductor Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Electronic Science and Technology University and other scientific research institutions and famous universities,have established joint laboratories and jointly undertaken some major national scientific research projects, formed a powerful force of scientific and technological innovation. With the continuous improvement of the company's benefits, the income of the majority of employees has increased year by year, and the interests of employees have been effectively guaranteed. These five years have a great historical turning point for Shiweitong, and have written a great chapter in the history of development.

All the achievements of Shiweitong today are the result of the joint efforts of all the staff,the bumper harvest reflects the hard work of every Worldcom employee.

Chairman's speech

Mr. Chen Song, chairman of the group, delivered a speech for this celebration. and on behalf of the company to have been in each position in the conscientious, dedicated to every employee, an indispensable contributor to the startup and development of the company, and all the staff's families who have been working behind the scenes for a long time, as well as old and new friends from all walks of life who have given Shiweitong warm support and care, regards high tribute and express my heartfelt thanks, and wish you a happy New Year.

In his speech, the chairman summarized and reviewed the important time points, key events, and highlight moments of glory and pride in Shiweitong's development history, and raised high expectations. Sincere and powerful words, brought us infinite touched and encouraged, high morale to challenge the future.

20 years in the prime of life, just the right opportunity, there is a lot to do

We believe that with the strong backing of the Group Company, Shiweitong has its own technology, products and services as a winning weapon,we will combine the future momentum, steadily grasp the industry opportunities, to meet the market demand to create better space for development, to a more rapid track of development. Shiweitong prefer to be a platform, let more and more people with insight join in, burn passion, sprinkle youth, create Shiweitong more brilliant and better future!

Every member of Shiweitong family will exude a kind of confidence, which is the confidence of lofty aspiration and down-to-earth, the confidence of dedication and professionalism, and the confidence of being worldcom people.

Pay tribute to the extraordinary performance of the extraordinary 2020

General manager Mr. Wang Gong made a comprehensive summary of the company's production and operation in 2020.

Extraordinary performance comes from the extraordinary team, we will make persistent efforts to meet new challenges, complete new tasks, achieve new goals.

Stand out and be your role model

The time of shaohua dance, engraved in the memory of the shining, not just the small victories, but the ordinary moments of quiet effort. We have colleagues who are dedicated to their duties and fulfill their responsibilities,they focus on the small and pursue the extreme,they break through difficulties one after another with their intelligence and exquisite skills, and make ordinary work rich and vivid. Although they have different positions and different responsibilities, they have the same mission, work together to promote the development of the company, set an example with practical actions, and shine the light of excellent workers. They are Shiweitong's most valuable asset and the cornerstone of the company's future development.

In this celebration, in the witness of all colleagues of Shiweitong family and all guests, the outstanding employees, outstanding managers, quality pacesetters and senior technicians of the year 2020 were commended. Now, let's walk into their hall of honor together:

Examples and role models are powerful though they are silent. Without flowery words, they toil with simplicity and concentration; without thousands of miles gallop, they use the solid pace, in the ordinary post on the pursuit of extraordinary height.

The essence of enterprise competition is talent competition. Shiweitong, as a high-tech enterprise with technology and quality as its lifeline, is inseparable from the staff who master the skills of excellent positions. And our front-line staff has been making continuous progress towards the direction of high specialization.

Listen to your employees

Representatives of outstanding employees took the stage to speak. His sincere words deeply touched everyone present.

We would like to thank the outstanding workers she represents behind her for their long-term contributions and perseverance to Shiweitong.

Splendid literary performance

In the Shiweitong family, there are many versatile families. They have appeared on the stage of this celebration, for everyone to dedicate a visual feast, let everyone on the scene be immersed in the wonderful picture and melody, focus on joy, open your heart, spread passion and ease. The lucky draw links interspersed in the cultural programs will make us surprise again and again, happy, and return with full load! Now, let's enjoy and recall the wonderful moments in the performance:

The good times always feel more than enough.

In order to thank all of you for your hard work and efforts, Shiweitong specially prepared a rich dinner. We drank together, and enjoyed the warmth and happiness of Shiweitong family. We spent a wonderful night together.

During the dinner, after tasting the delicious food and wine, we will reveal the winners of the first prize and the most mysterious "grand Prize".

Build dream voyage new starting point, condense heart gather force to set out again

Looking back on the past, we are full of emotion; Firm now, we are full of passion; Looking ahead, we are poised for action. Full of hope, painting a new picture.

What we achieve today is not an end, but a new beginning. Carrying the common dream of Shiweitong people, we embark on a new journey hand in hand and firmly believe that we will achieve something!

2021 is coming

Wish the great motherland more prosperity!

Wish Shiweitong a better tomorrow!

Best wishes to old and new friends: Good luck, happiness and good health in the New Year!


- Special thanks to -

Thank you to all the guests and friends.

Thank you to all the performers. In order to present a beautiful artistic performance for everyone, leaving the most wonderful moment on this stage, they used all the rest time to rehearse and present with enthusiasm.

Thanks to all the people behind the scenes who have put a lot of time and energy into the planning and preparation of this celebration.

Thanks to all the on-site support and support personnel, there is no their scenery in front of the stage, but they are escorting this celebration.

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