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The warmth of the Spring Festival

Time:2021-08-08 18:17:05 参观人数:923

We spent the Spring Festival together this year

Different Spring Festival, the same warmth

The Spring Festival is a traditional festival for Chinese family reunion, and for many people,this year of the ox is destined to be special.As the New Year of 2021 begins,the Covid-19 epidemic rebounded,the risk of proliferation remains.Many places across the country have issued a 'no need to return home' initiative to encourage 'stay for the Spring Festival'.

Under normal epidemic prevention and control, responding to national initiatives will also contribute to reducing the risk of the Covid-19 epidemic spread and consolidating the effectiveness of fighting against the epidemic.

Whether you go back to your hometown or stay for the Spring Festival, they all carry a strong and deep emotion, as well as people's vision for a better life, and are also the constant yearning of everyone for a safe, happy and reunion New Year.

Even if not around at the moment, care is never far away
Healthy and safe Spring Festival, in order to better reunion
As long as the hearts together, where can we spend the Spring Festival

Highest concern, advance deployment
Stay, have a good Spring Festival, warm heart security is indispensable!

Let the workers who stay in the factory have a good Spring Festival, from the beginning of creating a Spring Festival atmosphere.

Affixed with festive Spring Festival couplets, hang the beautiful lanterns, thriving to welcome the New Year.

Stay for the Spring Festival, the flavor of the year is not lost

During the Spring Festival, the staff restaurant has a variety of dishes, so that "stay for the Spring Festival" is also interesting.

On New Year's Eve, everyone in the staff dining hall started to be happy together, and they also packed dumplings with their wishes and wishes for the New Year. Wish like flowers blossoming open, good luck rolling in.

The dumplings made by oneself not only express the strong wishes for the Spring Festival, but also contain a full sense of achievement~

The Spring Festival condolences to send blessings, thick care warm heart

The general manager Wang Gong and the president of the labor union Ming Xinjie led some management personnel to visit the workers who stayed in the factory for the Spring Festival and send the best wishes for the Spring Festival.

Entertainment to embellish

Seek the hustle and bustle or take advantage of this special Spring Festival holiday to settle down and relax, relax or recharge.We also carefully prepared relaxed and interesting cultural activities, for everyone to choose to participate in according to their own interests, embellish the festive atmosphere.

Puzzle guessing, puzzle entertainment, happy prize, full return~

Exercise is relaxing and good for your body and mind~

Praise! Our colleagues in the Administration Department who prepared and supported all this.

Thank you to every one of the 'People who stay in the same place for the Spring Festival' people who have changed.
Salute to every one of the 'People who stay in the same place for the Spring Festival' people who stick to their posts!

In order to this different and warm Spring Festival, we work together.

In this special Spring Festival, there are still colleagues who stick to their posts as in previous years.

In order to ensure that the production line would not stop after the Spring Festival, our colleagues in the logistics department used the Spring Festival holiday to transform the strong power system.

There are also the staff on duty guarding the safety of the factory during the festival and the normal operation of various facilities and equipment. It is their silent efforts to be on duty at all times, so that the workers in the factory can feel at ease over the Spring Festival.

In order to ensure the completion of the annual production and operation tasks and timely delivery of products to users, the production system actively takes action, and the production line staff put into work in advance to open a new chapter of struggle with full spirit.

Spring is coming, let us make a wish, but wish the epidemic no longer, safe and sound people health, to meet the better reunion.
Coagulation heart cohesion,we believe that tomorrow will be better!

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