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The 2020 Symposium for Scientists of China Institute of Inertial Technology was successfully held

Time:2021-06-05 19:17:00 参观人数:1457

On October 15, 2020, Sponsored by the China Institute of Inertial Technology, Beijing SWT Science & Technology Corp. participated in and undertook the"China Institute of Inertial Technology 2020 Symposium for Scientific and Technological Workers" , which was successfully held in Nanyang, Henan Province, a beautiful historical and cultural city.

Seminar Notes

In order to lead the development of disciplines and promote the leapfrog development of inertial technology in China, as an important platform for exchange and cooperation, gathering nearly 100 scientific and technological workers from relevant research institutes, universities and enterprises in the field, Under the theme of "Inertial Sensor Technology and Applications", academic exchanges and discussions on current status, key technologies and development trends, talk about the future of technology. This symposium is the largest and most attended one since it was held.

On the morning of the 15th, Feng Peide of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhao Kun and Jiang Fuhao vice president of China Institute of Inertial Technology, Deng Hongjun, Vice Chairman of Henan Association of Science and Technology, Deputy Secretary of Nanyang Municipal Party Committee Zeng Cherui attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Gong, general manager of Beijing SWT Science & Technology Corp. attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mr. Wang said, the development of Shiweitong is inseparable from the traction of users, the successful application of fiber optic inertial navigation system, optical devices are indispensable cornerstone. we are both a participant and a beneficiary of the development of optical fiber Inertial navigation, and we are more willing to be the facilitator. Shiweitong is willing to work with upstream and downstream enterprises to contribute to the development of the fiber optic inertial navigation industry and realize the dream of becoming a powerful country.

Academicians and experts active in the front line are specially invited to attend this conference. centering on inertial sensing technology and application, combining their respective fields of expertise, shared with us the wonderful special report respectively. teach knowledge, analyze and interpret technical key, promote inertial sensor technology and application, reveal the new progress and trend of inertial navigation technology, and point out the direction for future scientific research work.

Pool wisdom, exchange and share.At the same time, a total of 11 papers were selected for on-site exchange and discussion, from which participants could share scientific and technological research achievements and experience, stimulate innovation inspiration, expand technical vision, and look forward to technological prospects and opportunities.

After on-site thesis presentation, questioning and expert evaluation, 10 excellent papers were selected, including 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 4 third prize and 3 excellence prize. At the meeting, the authors of the winning papers were presented with awards and commendations.

The "2020 Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation Award Ceremony of China Institute of Inertial Technology" was also held at the conference site. seven awards were awarded, including 2 first prizes and 4 second prizes for scientific and technological progress and 1 second prize for technological invention. It fully demonstrates the excellent achievements of the annual winners in the scientific and technological innovation projects.

Since Shiweitong was founded 20 years ago, In the field of inertial photoelectronic devices have been constantly studying, precision field. From a member of the new recruits to the industry senior device manufacturers, the company's products have been widely used in many domestic users. Through the hosting of this conference, Shiweitong has further strengthened communication and contact with leading experts and scholars in the industry, fully demonstrating the position and responsibility of WorldCom in the field of inertial optoelectronic devices.

Congratulations on the success of this seminar!

Thank you all for attending this grand event!

Thanks to all those who have provided support and services for the success of this conference!

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